Memory lane. (Via a tin of photographs)

I spent a pleasant hour being reminded of different painting locations, while delving through a heavy tin full of painting photos. All From the time before digital images – they are clunky, weighty and mostly very poor quality. But serve well to trip the memory switches.

Zakynthos – 2000. The beach so clean and the trees offering gentle shade.

Port St Niclaus certainly grew and developed over the 15 years that we went there. But it did not loose its intrinsic charm.

A New Italian Painting Adventure.

I have been approached by a lady called Madeline, who owns a boutique hotel in Italy. Near Ancona. Called Hotel Leone.

Looking for images suitable to encourage and publicise a painting week, I am reminded of the warmth and colours of Italy where I have taken groups in the past. Architecture, art, agriculture, scenery, food, wine, its diverse and delightful.

This painting was worked in situe, in hillside near Florence.

And this view was part of the wine estate where we were staying. It is all so paintily – we also walked amongst a mass of fireflies one evening. Wee glows of light, romantic and magical.

Not wishing a year away. But I look quietly forward to June 2021.

Falling Leaves

After the significant frost that we had last weekend, which did for the runner bean, courgette and tomate plants, it is now a time of dripping trees. The leaves tight summer hold has been broken and they fall – a sporaradic rain When the wind picks up – they will briefly come to life again, but for now they lie on the ground where they land, a slow thickening cover of autumn colours.

The sky is a limp grey. The flowers that have held on are such pretty brave souls, some tinged, edges burnt brown and crinkled by the nippet cold.

Light the fires to warm the house and wrap round a scarf. I go Outdoor Painting.

Exhibition at Monymusk studio gallery.

I have been working in a new studio space today and have proved that a change of scene can stimulate cteativity. My work is hanging on the walls around me and looks at home in the space, comfortable but also fresh to my eye. Some of older works are invigorated by being in different place and the more recent, new works can be viewed as if they were made by someone else. It was quiet. As I expected, It has meant that I have had the time and mental space to resolve a couple of paintings that had become tired – stuck – hence my belief in the benifit of being in a different environment.

I have now prepared other work to take next week when I return to the venue. else happens, I deem it a success. I really appreciate my own studio but have seen how, a different working space, (even a rather chilly one) can be invigorating. It goes some way to explain the growing success and popularity of artists residencies.

A small exhibition.

To set the ambition to have an exhibition of work, a date for hanging and then maybe an event, An Opening. Of course focuses the mind.

Painting is one thing. Curating my work.. Editing for best effect. Disguarding and grouping. A thread running through to help viewing. A title to suggest a narrative. These all add layers to the process.

Its exciting but the exposure needs confidence. That is the precarious element. Coming and going without due warning.

This exhibition is amongst friends, but still. The vagaries of nerves and trying to be efficient regarding publicity. And thinking that each thing matters a lot, but remembering it’s all vanity and self imposed.

Why do it. When the joy is the doing.

Commission or not…

I sat under unbroken blue looking over the wield of Kent and East Sussex. The commission is to capture something of this awesome view for people who know it intimately. It is difficult, not least because even if I admire it, I can not know how they view it. These are hard working people with machinery, animals and storage.It will give me something interesting to work on when I get home.