Susie Hunt is a painter and painting tutor working with predominantly water based media. She teaches and paints mainly in her studio near Kemnay, which is where she lives, next to the banks of the River Don.

She floats through a variety of subject and media, is blown from landscape to seascape and draws on interaction and dialogue with people she meets along the way. Wild and Garden flowers, particularly those she has grown herself are a consistent subject for painting. But also landscape that features water, be it rivers or ponds, lakes or sea. Water reflects the light from the sky into the land, uplifting and thoughtful.

She is presently immersed in the theme of swimming – appropriately using mainly watercolour, but also exploring the potential of Collagraph. ‘I have barely scratched the tip of the iceberg that is collagraph – this printing process has the most painterly possibilities and delights the exponent with some irresistible and unexpected results’

In some of her works she is using swimmers to symbolise daily tasks or small adventures. Expressing that if we don’t take the plunge, we will not experience the highs or lows that come after an effort or exertion.   

Routine pleasures (such as daily walking the dogs) are time to observe landscape and to consider the next direction, taking different paths while planning different paintings. Many of our routine and regular life tasks take us some little way out of our comfortable places and require strength of will, whether it be to dive into deep water, to navigate new pathways on the Internet or to catch a bus.

The landscape can be beautiful and benign, but a change in weather or a lost path can change the mood quite simply and subtly from comfortable to edgy, or even scary and challenging.

In the course of tutoring different techniques Susie practices a variety of methods and some of these are visible in her work. Combining Monoprint with Watercolour and sometimes Acrylic, collage, drawing and straight paint.

She has work in Aberdeen College collection, Grampian Hospitals Arts Trust collection, Wallacespace London collection.

Susie Hunt founded the award winning North East Open Studios event in 2004 and has been an active council member of Aberdeen Artists Society for 15 years. involved with selection and hanging of exhibitions at Aberdeen Art Gallery and Curating Exhibitions at Duff House and Haddo House.