When the stars align.

The nights have been cold, the days bright blue and sunny. More frosts in April this year than ever before on record – thats weather for you!

An orienteers planning meeting gave us ligitimacy to travel to the centre of Scotland, yes really… Its marked by a huge rock on a site just south of Newtonmore, about half a mile from where we parked the van. The river Spey ran slowly, lazilly enough to hide its direction of flow: through the valley below – and snow is still visible on the mountain tops.

The slight nippet breeze confused the rivers flow – making it appear right to left, but debris in the trees disguarded by the winter floods assured of occasional fast flow of left to right.

I lay on the grass beside the river. Warmed by the sun and cooled by the sharp breeze. Then listening, watching and painting. Weighing up the irrational and rational internal discussion. The water, dark and deeply enticing, the awareness of chill, snowmelt. Never disappointing, but still needing an inner conviction. Checking resolve. Entry and exit.

I lay listening – birds unaware of being heard, the river, the motorbikes, no planes. I sat drawing. Washing being placed on the line. A task familier to so many, made less drudgery by its setting, in the valley below the mountains.

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