Topping and Harrowing.

Overcoming the anziety of driving big vehicles while pulling machinery behind, is helped by the desire to assist daughter and partner in at least some of the many tasks they have taken on. Living a life of journeying, with no possibility of reaching an end. It takes a different mind set to cope with a never ending, cyclical trail of jobs. In a small way, it is illustrated by owning a dog or other animal. Or cooking daily meals. Through a satisfaction of planning the menu, preparing and cooking and eating. A series of small journeys enjoyed and completed.

I felt intimate with the landscape, observing the surface, its undulations, the plants. Where the grasses grew taller or spacer, where brambles encroach and where reeds reveal underlying dampness.

Harrow follows topper.

I now yearn to paint. Having such time of close observation, while hampered in the cab of a land-rover – even though it felt in some ways as meditative as taking paint brush to paper.

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