Risk and Rewards.

Not sure ‘risk’ is the right word, but it was extremely cold and icy underfoot when I set oot sketching with my stoic buddy, Sarah. Apart from our sketching kit, she also had fine provisions, hot homemade soup and warming elderberry liqueur. I took hearty sour dough rolls which were much improved by dipping in both.

Monymusk Kirkyard

We found a place to sit in the winter sun, it would have been impossible to keep warm enough in the shade. I started safe with three tone sketch – and very glad of the wee lightweight foam seat that Sarah provided… I have ordered some for myself.

Monymusk Hoose

We wondered through the pathways towards the river Don and so to the lairds domain. The subject for sketches was prescribed by finding a sheltered spot in the sun again. It may be a watery winters sun and weak in strengh, but it was essential.

In our strolls we met other walkers, the relaxed chats we had were encouraged by the windless beauty of the day. Every time we progressed, we had the opportunity to talk and catch up with friends and acquaintances alike.

Clians Dam

I have sketched at the dam for many years. It is a most favored spot. And not a surprise to me that many others were enjoying the space that day. We found a place to sit in the last of the sunshine and ate our picnic.

Ice on the Pond.

Puddle with a bit of colour, I was warmed by the whole day and a hot bath when I got home.

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