Order in Chaos

The studio is a mess, without the focus of weekly classes, it piles up untidied. Lock down time has no perimeters, no deadlines or dates to brace and girdle. Weekdays, weekends, all days merging.

January 1st 2021

It seems that last year managed to pass like a rudderless boat. A year which had no direction was becalmed by uncertainty.

Now – with the new year 2021, I am putting structure into my days that assumes that uncertainty, closures and cancellations will continue. Instead of bobbing aimlessly on this ocean of time, I will use the space it gives me more positively.

January 2nd and 3rd 2021

I am making sketch books from my stash of card, paper and scraps. Painting the view from my studio window, and progressing ‘Locked In Friendship’. (series of monoprints depicting friends, family and colleagues.)

It’s a start. And a continuation…

‘Birds and Leaves’. (Beg Borrow Steal) Concertina book made from folding and cutting one sheet of paper.

Each day, with different light, the trees demand different composition. Once started the conundrum takes over, it is an ever changing puzzle of colours, tones and shapes.

Since ‘Nothing’ comes from nothing. Something may come from something.

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