Small Start – but safe.

The white fuscia

After seven months the studio is open for classes again. Don’t get over excited – it is two people attending, but it’s so valuable to me. The stimulation to deliver an idea, to interest and hopefully inspire. I could not find the motivation to use online platforms – but this is much a needed invigoration.

Red and white.

The lesson was based around two fuchsia plants I have, still flowering magnificently. What watercolour methods would be appropriate to illustrate the contrasting tones and the challenge of white, on a coloured ground?

Compositional sketch.

After doing a detailed tonal sketches of the flowers, we did some loose composition drawings.

Colour Study.

We coloured our paper with washes – sort of randomly placed, but using colours that related to the subject. (we did discuss which colours would enhance or compliment each other and those that would present problems.)

Autumn Garden.

The last two attendees added vitality to the mix. Drawing new compositions and painting with confidence.

Ignore the shadows…

Lyrical light touch – dancing flowers and stems over a colour filled stage.

A nicely open ended start.

My own work became rather a tight bundle of knitting, but showed different water colour technique and method along the way.

Autumn heralding winter.

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