Timing is…

The cottage above morecombe was booked long before corvid bore down on our lives. Then and even through the lock down period, we did not fear that we would have to cancel. The end of September, surely things will be better by then.

And they were – in August. But, as the time to pack and drive approached, the second wave was gathering momentum. So I decided to take the van, a slower drive, but with space and ameanaties – we could more easily be self sufficient and isolated from others.

No burgers, just good coffee.

There are many pleasures when sketching and painting with friends. Sharing time and enthusiasm and exploring the varied layers of landscape in a different place. All of us seeing it differently and interpreting it with our own eyes.

Given the circumstances of gloomy news and growing concerns, along with increasing restrictions, we are most fortune to be in such a remote location.

Morecombe Bay

The van provided shelter to sketch in colder weather, but we have had good days out and about.

The Knott.

Last day today. So reflecting on the shape of the week. Time is needed to mature any ideas and I personally am not sure when or even if anything more will come from the sketches I have done here. Time spent with like minded friends is the best of time. We are most fortunate to have tucked this precious time away within this world changing period of time.

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