Day 3.

It has been unsurprisingly quiet, but a few brave souls have ventured out.

A careful, tidy studio.

I have managed to research and create a couple of images. Time is valuable, never wasted, though sometimes difficult to focus if you are ‘waiting’ for someone, any one, to arrive.


I came across an image of a ‘Wild” swimmer in a newspaper (while preparing to light the fire) and combined it with some Gelli plate messing, (the background). We don’t always know from where inspiration will strike!

Xianzi #metoo China

And – While tidying the studio I found a two year old colour supliment dedicated to women who had – Made A Difference. I was fearful to Google them in order to see where they stood two years later – (task ongoing) . Our sound bite world had highlighted for me their achievements in 2018… But maybe were less rigorous about any follow up stories .

On The Beach.

Closer to home. This image is of my sister in law and friend, Jo. Taken when we swam off the shingle shore near Bognor, the day before her fathers cremation.

My pleasure has been in finding, that although I thought I had the measure of this mode of image making, i have actually found myself slipped into an unexpected other gear. Much more potential and unexplored possibilities – its like digging the ground for a root of potatoes. Pure pleasure.

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