Paintings Delivered.

Today, I drove the picturesque roads from Kemnay to Ballater. Delivering paintings to Larks Gallery. In these unprecedented times, to have a deadline for delivery of work is a much needed focus. This year seems to be passing in a blur of destructure, the parameters that help stabilise my (our) days have been severed. So I am grateful for those people who have tried to keep doors open and have worked to continue to present creative work to a smaller audience.


Framed at short notice by the ever patient Leslie Mckensie. (Frameworks, Clinterty).

Ghost Arum
Bursting With Colour

The works looked more splended than I had hoped.

It’s such mixture of emotions for me delivering work. I want people to see them and maybe appreciate them enough to purchase. But there is also the fear they will be passed by or


It’s done. They are there now. No more for me to do but pick them up again in months time .

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