Obsession is OK.


I grow them. Admire them. Paint them. As a motif they offer seductive lines. Classic refined beauty. Sensual simplicity that feels challenging to emulate.


I am working in a lovely tunnel of my our devising. Sort of experimenting. Which is, sort of an excuse for open ended painting. I know that means, there is no deadline, or pressure to resolve.


Who knows, where it will take me – I’ll know if I get there.

Arum studies. Watercolour.

Still working on this. Like an unfinished coversation, I woke up thinking about something to add.

And finally. After a few days, (but it could be longer), of revisiting, waking up with an idea or resolution, sometimes a solution to a visual problem – the clunky dark bottom right corner…

Arum painting. Finished – I think.

Obsession is also a form of commitment. To not give up too quickly. Or to call it finished too soon. To be more rigorous about observing the work and resolving those niggly shapes and to adjust tones that are too dark, or too light. To deal with areas that are weak – not to be complacent or satisfied too easily. Ask more of yourself. To always want it to be better.

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