Splashing about with blousy garden poppies.

Just paint. Get paper and watercolours and shut the noise of the real world out.  Clean water regularly. Use Pure colour as much as possible with lots of water to create lighter tones. Glazing for depth and making complex colours – transparent layers capturing  that ‘something’ that mixing cannot offer. For the love of it.

More fun for me in the making than for the viewer in the seeing.

The first pass is often more cathartic than effective. Solving painting riddles and exorsizing imps. (The painting imps that want so much with so little effort.)

I feel often that the beginner painter believes  ‘I’ve started so I must finish’ instead of, ‘I’ll give this a go, and if it doesn’t work out or please me I’ll try again’

Orientals no. 2

A freer composition. I felt much more pleasure at its open possibility and allowing the eye to roam around the surface. I had not boxed myself into a corner..

Still flowing but with compositional gaps.
Some progress. And then I went back to the first one.
Compositional changes and glazing layers.

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