So much time.

It’s a truth that when I have more time, like now, to do as I please, I become more wasteful of it. My weekly structure has disintrigated. My self diciplin has become flabby and I my activities are more dictated by the whims of weather than an efficient creative being.

Though a lot of what I am doing just now is not visible. Painting or tending the garden both have a step back and admire moment, which may be transitory, still however fleeting – a mown lawn lasts about a week.

This precious time is being largely taken up by helping administrate an art exhibition. Which in the three months of lock down has gone from a physical show with delivered works, to an online presentation. 

Yellow Brick Road

Not long after arriving in Scotland I met three very different creative people. One day we got together to go to Sunny Side Bay. One baught with her the picnic items which were foods to taste for a wedding menu. One was going to show us a rare plant she knew was down on the rocky shoreline. One was usually provider of the venue for a life drawing group that three of us attended. Living closer by the bay she provided the information of where to meet for our adventure. And I took my watercolour sketching kit.

We talked and walked. We ate the delicious food and made helpful comment, (yummy) and i sketched. We saw the rare flower and dolphins dancing round a fishing boat out at sea. We found treasure . A boat brush, a long thick rope.

And like with this art show, we hoped for some of these things without knowing they were there or what they were, or what they would taste or look like. We got so much more from the company and scenery than we ever imagined. I remember it rained on our way back up the path, but that did not damp the day, so memorable and bonding.

It was many years ago.

The group who are pulling together to turn closure and cancellation into a positive open door, have encountered so many unexpected hurdles, not least from within. We have been challenged and out of nessesity, required to embrace new methods and initiatives. At the same time as even more issues have manifested themselves, Unseen, unencountered before and all needing solutions. New ground, new rules, rewriting the script.

We are not finished yet. Today I expect more letters… Some of praise and thanks, or outraged at our shambolic procedures. Others recognising the efforts involved and the time it all takes. Admiring what we are aiming to achieve and some lost passwords. The enormous fees, the misread, the misinterpreted, our total incompetence and the creation of an amazing virtual gallery.

I personally will not have much to show for this time.

But there are some amazing people rising up and doing what is needed – a collaboration of energy attitude and skills – supporting and encouraging and creating an online gallery that will serve the societys members and more, well into the future.

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