Creating Chaos

The process I am describing is of Making a mess and then tidying up. Different ways of working are interesting to observe, thats why we like seeing artists studios in the raw – not all tidied up as they are during open weeks. (I might not bother to tidy this year if it happens! ) – what I do and how I do it may not be appropriate for other people. But maybe affirming for some.

I try to start with a clear space and the things I think might be useful close at hand. But once I get going it becomes a mess that I try to navigate through without loosing the thread.

Tidied after 5 weeks of messing.

I remember seeing Frances Bacons studio and was horrified. (it was a long time ago). That he could paint such fine orderly paintings (because they are not in any way haphazard), in such a confined mess. But he had a straight pathway through the piles of rubbish on either side, (mostly empty paint tubes), to the canvas. A clear view through the chaos.

That is the relevance for me, that I can keep sight of the possibility of the image. Or images. Confidence while creating and to retain that confidence still, even when looking at it in a tidy world.

The images are being stretched face down to flatten out bulges and crinkles.

Cut the flattered paper carefully away from the tape.

I Do, I Undo, I Redo. Louise Bourgeois made three monumental towers that represented the title. They were the first exhibit in the Tate Modern turbine hall when it opened. What I understand of that title has become my mantra. And I will be undoing and redoing this work again. And maybe again still.

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