Isolation learning…

A rare opportunity to learn something new presented itself to me today.

17th century barn purshaced as a flat pack.

This barn is being reconstructed by my future son in law. As part of the reconstruction process he needs in the region 800 hand made wooden pegs.

Richard showed me the process.

Personalised peg making stool.

He has made a stool with specialised foot clamp – which holds the wooden pegs firmly in place as they are stripped to shape with a draw knife. I learnt how to split strips of wood off a log and then trim them into one inch square sticks about 12 inches long. Like making kindling.

It was dark in the barn. But that’s the log I split slices off to make the pegs.
It is similsr to a ‘donkey’ drawing stool

I took about two hours to make 15 pegs. I was improving but was completely worn out. It was a most satisfying achievement, to make useful pegs that will be part of the barn structure for years to come …

Happy artisan.

The barn structure – so far.

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