Shape, versus Detail.

It’s all about the shape just now – for me – outline wins over detail. The obsessive observation of detail (and in this regard I am maybe thinking of hyper, photographic realism sort of detail) doesn’t see the wood for the trees. So drawn into the fine details that the bigger shapes are either lost or too dominant in the composition.

Snakes head

The shape is defining. The detail, though delightful, I believe to be secondary.

So a siluette can and often does encapsulate the object or idea. The loss of detail as happens with strong back light, is no hindrance to knowing what the subject is. It also allows room for the viewers imagination to play, wheras the super real is defining. A statement with less room for discussion.

Plover – Monotype

This plover image is a balance between outline shape and detail. The primary work, the siluette was complimented with most nessesary detail. White underside s and paddle shaped wings.

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