Sometimes –

Inspiration is a delicate, indulgence and sometimes we need to just work. It is a luxury to have inspired thoughts, ideas for creative working, they seem to come out of the blue – but can be traced., like dreams, to random connections of activity or events or notes, sketches, from long past or just this second. Ping.

Flowers from and in my garden.

This concertina sketch book is the second in a series, for painting observational studies of the flowers that grow in my garden. The first book took about five years to complete and was sold at a charity event last year. This one was hand made, by me, with good watercolour paper, to give myself another four or five or six years of inspiration free project. To work on and in when inspiration is absent. It is a relief to have a task ongoing that does not require that dammed elusisive inspiration.

Today. Anenome Blanding.

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