Back to basics – watercolour.

Classes have started again at Mill Farm studio. A new year and a fresh look at familiar techniques.

Graduated washes. , I believe to be one of the hardest watercour techniques. The need to control the ratio of paint to water, while using the right sized brush for the scale of aplication. Keeping an effortless look to the work while carefully reacting to what is happening.

Some colour pigments flow more evenly. Lighter toned colours are easier to graduate than dark, some colours stain and are unforgiving of any error. But no blood is spilt, only dirty water.

Every colour – Light medium dark.

We practiced painting flat washes and then adding water to the pool of colour to lighten the tone. The lightest colours can be so delicious. But a fear of being wishy washy, too pale: or even insipid, often leads to them being lost to a desire for bold, bright and eye catching.

Pale toned glazes.

By layering the palest of tones it is possible to build up to richer colours and greater detail. Starting with washes that underpin and unify the picture, the image can be developed and detailed while remaining connected, cohesive and convincing.

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