When to call it finished.

I have often heard people tell of how they have overworked a painting. Ruined a piece by not knowing when to stop. It is something I have considered and feel it is a false premis. Certainly from my experience.


When I am engaged with a painting, the process feels like a conversation – a dialogue that continues until there is nothing more to say. It is resolved. And if it carries on and on, it is usually because there is a problem with composition, proportions or somefhing other unsolvable. It is not a painting that is ruined or ends through overworking, it actually never was any good. Though in my memory it may have seemed better. It could not have been right.

This painting needed serious attention and additions. And the dialogue still continues. I was completely distracted from my class by it – which is a mixture of pleasure and annoyance. It is the best of feelings to be locked into a piece of work – so utterly absorbing.

Finished… Maybe.

One thought on “When to call it finished.

  1. Thank you so much for a very inspiring weekend… exactly what I needed to get me back to the paintbox after decades of neglect (and a sort of fear) having never been taught properly and having lived with an instinctively brilliant draughtsman and illustrator! Now I have no excuses left….

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