A painting (or is it a rabbit) out of the bag.

During this weekend workshop at Aboyne i introduced a lot of water colour techniques – most participants should have come across them before in their years of watercolour painting. By combining and layering these techniques we can achieve richer colours and bold images. But that is where the confusion starts. Some people can work out the possibilities and realise an order to water-soluble versus permanent – but it catches other people out.

I take it for granted that if I draw with wax or oil pastel that that is irreversible – no wriggle room, or changing my mind. Like a tattoo, it is going to be painful and it will cost dear to remove it and it will probably still leave scars. I need to be at least a little bit cautious when using these unforgiving technuques.

And what is the benifit? A mark or line that cannot be removed? Exactly that. That I can paint loose and free knowing it will not bleed or shift.

Balancing control and chaos, wet and dry, permanent and impermanent.

I painted this during the last couple of hours of the workshop to try and convey some of the benifits and reasons for combining media. It is a loud and unbalanced piece. But it was my rabbit out of a hat.

And it is now being worked on – To infinity joy or beyond, to destruction…

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