Reflection on Kishorn Sketches – (and swim).

Back In the Studio .

Late October, on a painting course at West Highland Arts, led by the artist David Tress. His paintings vivid renditions of landscape and weather. The sun and rain, clouds and their shadows cast broad across mountains, fields and waters. His teaching thought provoking and generous, encouraging a bold start with a big idea.

Deception Bay

The west coast landscape is variously hugely intimidating yet close and intimate. Lumps of hill and water, layered and going far away, with clusters of human habitation and tiny trees all dwarfed by the scale of the mountains. Even with the bright skies, the huge rocks shadows kept some parts frosty chill all day. The low sun never reaching over their brow.

We had no wind, rain only on the first day, frosty starts and clear sky days.

I learnt a lot from David Tress. A fine art tutor who shared his methods and knowledge – with the addition of some well chosen poetry. It will take time to digest his input so that I can pass it on appropriately to my own groups . It was an extraordinary week. With the best of company, particularly Sarah Franklyn, plenty of lovely food and wine – and the mosr perfect swim.

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