Exhibition at Monymusk studio gallery.

I have been working in a new studio space today and have proved that a change of scene can stimulate cteativity. My work is hanging on the walls around me and looks at home in the space, comfortable but also fresh to my eye. Some of older works are invigorated by being in different place and the more recent, new works can be viewed as if they were made by someone else. It was quiet. As I expected, It has meant that I have had the time and mental space to resolve a couple of paintings that had become tired – stuck – hence my belief in the benifit of being in a different environment.

I have now prepared other work to take next week when I return to the venue.https://susiejhunthome.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/vid_20191003_135341-1.3gpWhatever else happens, I deem it a success. I really appreciate my own studio but have seen how, a different working space, (even a rather chilly one) can be invigorating. It goes some way to explain the growing success and popularity of artists residencies.

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