All about the trees.

When my parents first looked at the property that was to become our home in 1963 ,( and still is theirs now);. there were a few very old fruit trees and a Philadelphus growing The ‘mock orange’ was flowering in an overgrown hedge at the far side of the garden area that would later become lawn. Mum and I walked through high grass and weeds hand in hand, it was full of thistles that towered over my four year old head. She introduced me to the delicate white blossoms of the flowering tree and invited me to sniff it’s aroma. It is one of my most vivid early memories.The sketches for these drawings were done in that garden nearly 60 years later, with the still flourishing Philadelphus behind me.On the right of the image is a cooking Apple tree that was newly planted when Paul and I married. 1981. It was part of a floral display made inside the tent where our reseption was held.Now on the right is the magnolia grand flora. The gift from ‘paddy’ dads step mother, that has caused mum such frustration. Planted too close to the house, it blocks the light, drops an endless stream of large dark leaves, clogs the sump that houses a pump that stops the house from flooding when it rains hard and just occasionally has a few delightful flowers. In the middle is represented the most grand and beautiful crab apple tree, which is covered in jewel like fruit that set perfectly when used to make jelly. On the left is a wee walnut. Not so wee anymore. A small bush ten years ago it has flourished in the land of plenty and goes ever upwards and outwardsAnd finally, the acasia that Paul and I gave dad for his 57th birthday. Now 93. – that mesns this lovely tree has been there at least 40 .

Time passes, things grow, or go.

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