Last L’Age Baston

For the last few years I have been coming out to the Limousin region of France to help people who are holidaying, with painting as a daily activity. Travelling by train sometimes, but mostly by car which is my preferred means of transport. To be able to pack all the art materials I could possibly want and to bring my dogs. (Also many pairs of shoes – I do not pack thriftily. )

This year I have extra time in France for a bit of exploration. We drove to the coast directly east of Limoges and were delighted by the contrast in landscape. In an hour we progressed through vineyards, sunflowers and maize crops to vast expances of wetland with turquoise sea just visible, shimmering – way, way in the distsnce. Muddy and seaweeded. We walked and paddled in warm pools which formed where people had dug down for clams. Straggled, structures of rusting, rotting posts, rigged for the growing of oysters rose from the flats.

It is my last week teaching at this venue in France for now. I don’t attract enough people. It maybe coming from Scotland makes it a little more expensive or difficult for my contacts, And brexit has added uncertainty to the process. Whatever. I will savour the time and give those attending exclusive care and attention. It’s been a most pleasurable place to work, the chateaux ambiance, hospitality and charming people. A grand experience and great studio space.

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