Sorting out the past.

Could also be called making space for the future.

I went delving into the dark space under a tarpaulin (that is in the barn to protect varies object from swallow pooh) and found an old suit case of my grandmothers. Not filled with lost delights of hers, but with sketch books that I filled in my college and early years.

They smelled of mould and had the bloom of mildew. But also contained far more drawings of friends and family from that time than I had remembered.



Tia Lambert – who was a close friend and ally in my foundation year at Canterbury College of Art.  Also went on to study fine art at Farnham with me. Although we lived in the same accommodation (West Cottage, Wrecclesham ), we didn’t have the same connection.  I know she is now living near Malvern and still making the most lovely paintings. By co incidence I worked with a man from that area a couple of years ago, he knew her and gave me good news update.


Friend since she joined the same class as me for the long secondary school years at Tonbridge Girls Grammar.  Sue Doe, this drawing was done in 1979 when we on a barging holiday together.  The drawing probably made her looks older than her years at the time, but she looks just the same to me now.  We walk and talk and share so much common ground.


Sheena Broom became a dear friend when she came to lodge with us at Frailey Hill, Woking,  in 1980.  This was a short time before I married Paul Duley.  She stayed for two years and of course moved on – after some ups and downs since then, she has lived mostly  in New Zealand.  That has meant our times together over the years have been rare treats.

































































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