The Day After…

I have been preparing for the Marcliff Charity event – Painting Demonstration, for months.  It has been the main marker in my diary and so the focus of my mind.  Paintings have been mounted and framed, paper stretched, mounts for display have been cut.

Planning (in my head) how I would approach the painting evening. With two pieces of work, one loosely painted making advantage of wet in wet and the other a more controlled piece of flowers painted to form a composition across the page.


The time didn’t fly by, but I was caught out by how long it took me to paint with my hand shaking.   I felt quite ok, but the adrenaline nearly got the better of me.

The room at the Marcliff was pretty well full, the audience had a good number of families faces, so not unfriendly or intimidating.  Except when it went completely quiet.  And hot under the lights. It must be a bit like the experience of being an actor. The questions from the audience were helpful as I found I could paint faster and more confidently when I was taking the edge off it by talking.

I am grateful for the opportunity to test myself and glad it is behind me.

– so today I can relax.

But I have managed to finish off the longer piece to my satisfaction.imageimage

The left hand cornflower inserted to cover up a pink dribble.  And a bit more detail on some of the flowers and stems.  Euphorbia added at the request of the purchaser.



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